FIRST® Mentor Network

The FIRST® Mentor Network sponsored by NI is an interactive platform allowing teams and interested mentors to easily and safely connect for virtual or in-person mentorship.

This community platform provides new and returning teams access to committed, engaged mentors, while giving mentors the opportunity to use their unique skill sets to have meaningful involvement with one or more teams regardless of their location. The FIRST Mentor Network offers the ease and flexibility to meet virtually or in-person, locally or long-distance, for a few hours or throughout an entire season. The FIRST Mentor Network provides ways to volunteer your time to further the FIRST mission and offer valuable support for the FIRST community.

Create your team or mentor profile today by accessing the FIRST Mentor Network in your FIRST dashboard. You can find the FIRST Mentor Network under the “Volunteer Registration” tab.


Teams Looking for a Mentor

The FIRST Mentor Network allows teams with any experience, capabilities, or resources to connect with mentors who can support their needs, and help the team expand their skills, confidence, and game-play. 

Build a team profile highlighting your successes, goals, and desired mentor skill sets and experience. Soon you’ll be able to quickly find and communicate with FIRST verified mentors to provide you and your team with expertise and collaboration. Through more powerful mentorship relationships, your team will learn to use their collective skills to make a positive impact.

FIRST Mentor Network helps your team: 

  • find support to have a successful season while developing new skills
  • connect with mentors from industry leaders
  • find support for your team's specific needs: Robot programming, finance
  • get personalized access to the knowledge and unique skill sets your team needs the most
  • further expand team member skill sets and confidence
  • strengthen your mentor base with additional expertise.   


(Only a team's Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or 2 may create a profile on behalf of a registered team.)


Mentors Looking for Teams

Whether it is finding their people or forging their path, mentors help students gain the skills and confidence to build their future with FIRST. Whether your area of expertise is in biomedical engineering, creative brainstorming, or branding, your skillsets and passion can help students grow their own expertise and the confidence to be successful.

Build a profile featuring your skill sets, experience, resources, and interests. You can choose to provide face-to-face or virtual leadership, help one team or many, and specify the level of involvement you wish to have. 

(All mentors must be at least 18 years of age and complete the required youth protection screening.)


Sponsored by NI

Additional Resources:

FIRST Mentor Network User Guide



  • All mentors must be at least 18 years of age and complete the required Youth Protection Screening.
  • This platform is not for students to find teams in their area or for mentor-to-mentor communication.
  • Only a team's Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or 2 may create a profile on behalf of a registered team
  • This platform is not for students/teams to communicate with other teams and students.
  • FIRST Mentor Network is currently only available to teams and residents of the US and Canada.