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FIRST ® made me a passionate STEM ambassador

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Avanti Ramraj


As a then-high school senior, FIRST ® alum Avanti Ramraj delivered a TEDx Talk about the use of gamification and role models as a means of overcoming stereotypes to diversify STEM. Her talk’s title, “There’s a Brown Girl in the Ring,” was inspired by a song based on a children’s game played in the West Indies where each child takes turns leading while the others imitate.


A FIRST ® Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award Finalist (awarded to extraordinary FIRST student leaders), Avanti began her FIRST journey at age nine with FIRST ® LEGO® League, during which she discovered her strengths, confidence, compassion and love for STEM – while learning women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce. “My nine-year journey through FIRST truly transformed me [into] a passionate STEM ambassador,” she said. “As a girl in STEM, I am on a tough path, but maybe it’s one where I become a role model.”

Avanti and her teammates embodied the mission and Core Values of FIRST through community outreach such as mentoring teams, teaching coding, and supporting PPE needs. Avanti continues to be a role model in her local community, the FIRST community, and beyond.

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